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About Parimatch Company

Nowadays, there are a lot of different gambling sites that provide a specific focus on some kinds of activities. Parimatch betting platform puts a specific effort into the increasement of the betting line. The team tries their best to include as many events as possible and available at the market. Moreover, many event types, both world-class events and quite small and local tournaments are being observed by the Parimatch.

All in all, Parimatch is a fully legal company which works at the sphere of business for a really significant time. There are a lot of loyal customers that create the core players of the company. The betting quality and other services of the Parimatch platform are on point.

It is a great platform that offers the next level of security, 24/7 customer support, and reliability. It is the best platform that is legal in India. This website is offering a live betting option to the users. Therefore, a person can place a bet on live events.

Parimatch has proven to be a great platform that offers lots of bonuses to users. You will be able to play your favourite online games!

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The Main Benefits of the Parimatch Platform
High-end quality betting products

Nothing is better than Parimatch that is continually offering high-end quality betting products to the users. It is an international platform that is available in almost 10 countries and considered as leading sports betting company in the CIS region. They have already created an exciting brand that is continually growing in across the world. A lot of people totally depend on the Parimatch India that is better than others. Parimatch is continually offering high-end quality betting products.

CSR focused

Parimatch is considered as the best betting platform that is continually offering a considerable amount of excitement and entertainment. It is offering bets on almost 20 sports, 200 leagues, and more than 600 sporting events. You will find more than 45% of bets are placed using iOS and Android applications. Esports is considered the quickest growing sport in every world. It will help you in achieving your goal. They are providing gambling content. Millions of Parimatch India users are placing bets on a regular basis.

Transaction charges & payment methods

When a person is using the Parimatch then you will able to get lots of benefits. They aren’t charging the transaction charges and offering payment methods. There are different kinds of ways are out there that will help you in deposit and withdrawal the money. You will able to deposit the money by making the use of credit, debit cards, cryptocurrencies and others. Sometimes, you will have to pay transaction charges. A person can easily withdrawal money within a fraction of seconds.

Best odds

Definitely the best possible odds on the events. There is a good opportunity for the players to make bets at the best rates, which helps them build a significant amount of pot. The margin of the company is kept at the minimum level, in order to ensure the best winning coefficients.

Best option

When it comes to the best betting platform then Parimatch is the first name that comes to our mind that can be accessible from so many countries of Asia and Africa. They are expanding their betting shops in developed countries.

Mobile application

Parimatch app ( is a top-notch gaming network that comes with 400 business units. It is a popular brand that is owned by Pari-Match N.V. They also offer a website that comes with a simple and clear interface. Such a great platform is already approved and supported by Conor McGregor and Mike Tyson.

Multiple sports

There is the high variety of the available sports that are included into the betting line of the platform. Every sports fan is capable of finding the desired competition and making a proper bet on it. It has become the most popular betting platform that is offering a big sportsbook where a person can bet on almost 20 sports and 60 countries regularly. Moreover, there is even an opportunity to watch matches Live for the significant amount of sports.

Virtual sports

It is the best betting platform where a person can easily place a bet on so many sports activities that are always carried out using the internet-enabled gadget. The virtual section of the Parimatch will enable you to make gains with virtual bets. They are offering a variety of games like soccer, hockey, basketball, and others where you will able to place the bet. It is the best platform that is offering lots of benefits to the users.

Parimatch bonuses and promotions

The bookmaker is constantly rewarding its new and current clients with generous incentives, presents, and cashback. We'll tell you about Parimatch bonuses and promotional offers.


On their official website, you may discover all of the incentives and greater details on how to wager. Let's go through the list of bonuses:

  • Welcome Bonus;
  • Reload Bonus;
  • Cashback Casino;
  • Cashback Table Tennis;
  • Cashback Basketball;
  • Free bet on the Europa League Final;
  • Free Bet on Ralangaros;
  • Free bet on eSports;
  • Cashback IPL;
  • 36 LAKHS IPL.

In the promotions area, you may keep up with the most recent bonus offers. We recommend that you visit the official site on a regular basis to stay updated.

Additionally, in case any person has doubts regarding Parimatch then you should make a contact with customer care time. To improve the overall betting experience then you should opt for a Parimatch application that is available for iOS and Android. It's a bookmaker that comes with a user-friendly interface. They are continually accepting several payment methods.

Parimatch sports betting

There is an increased variety of the available sports at the platform included into the betting line of the company. Many players really love and enjoy the platform due to its variety of choice and quality. The number of available sports is really significant. The list of the sports could be almost infinite, the most popular ones are the following:

  • Football. This is the most popular sport all over the world. The fan base of this activity is so big that most of the sports events that are included into the betting line are somehow related to football. There are a lot of bet types that could be placed on this sport. For example players may bet on the win or loss of the certain team, on the exact score, on total goals, number of cards, and many many other things that could happen during a football match.
  • Basketball. It is also a widely recognised activity. A lot of people try playing basketball in the street as an amateur, while rooting for the international teams. Basketball betting also includes a lot of different outcomes that are included into the betting line.
  • Ice hockey. This is one of the most difficult sports and the most popular one between the winter sports. The hockey game is very dynamic and fast, fans even do not know where to look during the match. Hockey betting is one of the most huge spheres in the whole betting market.
  • Tennis. This is a famous game where players play versus each other. They use rockets in order to send the playing ball on the court of the opposite player. Some tennis experts are earning significant amounts of money by betting on the tennis activities.
  • Rugby. This is a hard sport, where teams are carrying the playing ball on the different sides of the field. The goal is to bring the ball to the enemy team's side. This sport is extremely popular in the west of the world. A lot of players do hard betting stuff on the rugby activities.
  • American football. This game is similar to rugby, but has slightly different rules. But the game mostly looks like rugby. Despite the sports being very similar, there are a lot of fans of rugby activity, who make a decent amount of betting.
  • Table tennis. The game is almost like tennis, but players have the table instead of the court. That is why this game is called table tennis. Being very dynamic and interesting to watch table tennis has a significant fan base which makes a decent amount of betting.
  • Handball. This game is the absolute opposite to football. Players play with only hands in this game. They carry the ball and throw it to the gates, where the goalkeeper should save it. This sport is a little bit less popular than the other ones that are listed in this catalog, but the players of this game are really into betting.
  • Boxing. It is the most difficult sport in our list. The two people are fighting each other in this sport, in order to determine who is stronger and better. The bookmakers really love to place the boxing matches into the betting line. There is always a huge amount of bets on the matches of famous boxers.
  • MMA. This is one of the newest sports in this list. It was recently created and is gaining a significant amount of attention from players all over the world. The betting activity in the MMA community is on another level while compared to the other sports. MMA betting is one of the best sources of money and wins.
  • Darts. It is a classic game, where players should hit the round deck with the dart. The goal is to score as many points as possible or to hit an exact number. Darts betting could be an interesting activity, and bring you a significant amount of money.

If you haven't found your favourite sport in this list, you may visit the Parimatch official website and check the other ones.

Available betting types at Parimatch

There are a lot of different sports included in the betting line of the Parimatch. But what about the types of betting, as you should already know, there are a lot of them too. We are sure that every betting type that is known to the world is presented on the Parimatch platform. The most popular of them are presented in the table below:

Betting type Pros Cons
Regular bet. This is a regular pre match bet, which you place and wait for the result of the match. Easy to use. The most balanced type of the bet. The odds of this bet are fixed and can not be multiplied.
Live bet. If the betters are experienced enough to read the flow of the match. There is always a possibility to bet at the comeback and gain a significant amount of money if the bet will win. The odds are dynamic during the match and may change during the match flow. This type of betting is quite hard to use. Players need a good amount of the expertise in order to see the current situation of the match and make propers bets.
Express. As one of the most interesting bet types,this could be used to multiply the odds of the matches which you think are going to happen as you thought.
The odds are multiplied by each other. The total outcome may be astonishing. The chances of winning this type of bet are very low. Because of the fact that every bet that is put into the express should win, in order to claim the pot.
Anti-express. This is the opposite of the express. The lower the odds of the matches, the higher the total pot of the bet. If any of the events on the line loses, you will claim a win. Easy to win this type of bet. Hard to reach significant odds in this bet.
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Esports betting at Parimatch

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